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Wood Phone Docking Station

  • Life Is Messy, Keep It Organized -  Our Natural Stands Are A Perfect Way To Keep Your Cell Phone And Other Essentials Organized In Place. You'll Never Lose Your Personal Belongings Again With This Convenient And Attractive Wooden Phone Docking Station.

  • Multifunctional Stand - The docking station is compatible with all cell phones and has compartments for wallets, glasses, pens, watches, keys, etc. It even has a back slot that you can hold your ipad, laptop, envelopes, or notebook. Also has a charging cord access for your phone and AirPods.

  • More room - Save space in your busy home or office with this elegant stand that is made from beautiful sapele wood. Fits perfectly in any room and serves as a great way to keep your essentials well organized.

  • Built For Strength - Solid hard wood with a focus on premium quality and sleek designs for optimum efficiency. A durable station that includes 10 screws and 4 nonslip gripper pads for maximum strength and hold.

  • Vista strives to bring a pleasing view to your home - The surface is polished and covered with durable finishing, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones. From our family to yours, we promise that you will never have to worry about buying another docking station again!

Grill Tongs

  •  Durability - Whether you're making ribeye steaks, corn, asparagus, or throwing in baby back pork ribs, you'll never have to use another pair of tongs again. Heavy duty stainless steel tongs that are designed for maximum strength and hold. Equipped to hold and flip food of all sizes.

  • Usability - Well aligned scalloped pincers that are designed to grab tiny sprigs of asparagus, corn, chickens, rack of ribs, t-bone steaks, and more. Created for precision control and better handling of all foods whether you're outdoors or inside the kitchen cooking/grilling for family events and more.

  • Comfort - Non-slip and soft handles to protect your hands from the heat. The long grilling tongs grab food from a safe distance reassuring that you will not be too close to the flames. The perfect size to grill comfortably for those beautiful summer days with family and friends.

  • Versatility - These tongs can be used for cooking, tossing, barbecuing, transferring food, and much more. The long tongs can be used for camping, barbecues, cooking at home, weddings, parties, etc.  In addition, the tongs are easy to clean and are safe to throw in the dishwasher.  Can be easily stored anywhere.

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