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Our Story

Spacious Living Room

A Pleasing View For All

We are committed to enhancing the lives of homeowners, business owners, renters, investors, and much more to improve their homes and businesses. Vista Co. was established in 2021 to serve communities throughout the country and make their home feel that much more special. We know how important our place that we call home is and we’re dedicated to providing a revolutionary business that will make everybody’s living conditions a pleasing experience. 


Vista Co. was founded by Christian Vences and was created to make shopping for home and kitchen products convenient, affordable, and beautiful. Christian’s mother always told him while he was shopping that the goal is to find “Los Tres B’s” (The Three B’s): Bueno, Bonito, y Barato (good, nice, and cheap). So he has dedicated his career to ensure that the products he sells include the three B’s. 

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